What Types of Decals Are Available?

Decal printing services are available in many different forms. The first is direct to paper, direct to digital, and water resistance decals. These types of decals are easily applied by a single person. These types of decals do not need multiple coats of finish. They are also very low maintenance. There is only the need to apply the decal as once, and they are ready to use.

Window Decal Display Printing

Direct to paper decals include any image that can be transferred directly from a computer file or a picture into a piece of paper. These types of decals are excellent for interior wall applications, or as backings on furniture. Direct to digital decals, such as sticker, vinyl decal, and window clings are a newer type of decal printing service that do not require paper but instead come directly from your computer and can be applied with no mess and low cleanup. This type of decal printing service is great for large orders that need to be filled quickly.

Water Resistant decals are created using oils, waxes, or acrylic paints. When these types of decals are applied they are set in place by a film that bonds them to the surface they are applied too. Once the coating has set it is very thin allowing you to use decals as often and for as long as you want gia in decal dan. This decal printing service is a great for indoor and outdoor wall applications.

Digital Decals is electronic decal printing services that use an electronic inkjet printer to create a decal. It can be printed on any flat surface, and it is applied using a special paper clamp or decal pressing unit. This type of decal printing service can be used on any smooth surface, including metal and glass. This type of decal is available in a number of colors, and it can be printed with any graphics software. There is even a UV version of this type of decal printing service available.

Intralossity Laser Cut Technology This service decal printing service uses laser technology to create high quality die cut decals. It can create any shape and size of logo, symbol, or image. The Intrinsicossity technology is perfect for applications that require large numbers of printed decals, and the cost of this service is comparable to many other decal printing services.

If you are in the market for a new type of decal printing service then consider an Intrinsicossity technology decal printing service. You will get a high quality, unique, easy to install sticker that is long lasting. You may also receive a free design sample so you can see exactly what the finished product will look like. With all of these options you will be sure to have a great looking decal for your next event.

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