Save Company Funds by Hiring a Staffing Agency

If your company has need of contract service workers in technical and professional fields, you may benefit from working with staffing agencies. You can find staffing agencies in California to bring you the talent you need, so your company can focus on getting things done right instead of finding the right person to do it. Portland staffing agencies bring you talented employees interested in working in the Pacific Northwest area.

Many companies seem to think that hiring a staffing agency to find temporary or contract to hire positions will cost the company more money than doing their own hiring. However, most companies end up saving money by having an outside agency take care of short-term labor shortages. They have the workers on hand to get work done when they need it done, they don’t have to deal with doing frequent layoffs and paying large sums when they lay workers off, and they streamline all temporary hiring and save hours and hours of in-house worker’s time.

Although this business service does require a certain portion of your company’s budget, staffing agencies can often save costs by requiring less in-house employees to do human resources, hiring, payroll, and billing tasks. Having a staffing agency is particularly helpful if your company hires a lot of contract workers or contract to hire employees. Rather than paying employees to work on the hiring full time, you only pay for hiring and human resources functions, as you need them done. If you use a staffing service, you will also usually end up getting a more well qualified team of workers who can perform the required work with less training.

Mainz Brady Group stands out among Staffing Agencies Portland is an experienced technology firm specializing in staffing for the information technology, sales and marketing, and human resource industries. The firm provides reliable solutions for well-known companies in finance, retail, research and development, government, and much more.

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