Safety Awareness Poster And Graphics – The Backbone For Promoting Safety Awareness In The Workplace

It’s a well-known fact – promotion of safety and health clearly demonstrates the commitment of the business owner to establishing an effective safety management system. Much careful thought and consideration should be given to this. Promotional approaches adopted should have clearly defined objectives. The following are some approaches to be tried, most of them can be based on almost free safety poster and safety awareness poster that does not cost much:

  1. Promotion of safety in meetings – Meetings are good opportunities for promoting safety. This approach is very suitable for orientation meetings for new comers, training meetings, problem-solving meetings such as quality management meetings, information meetings such as tool-box meetings and regular safety meetings. Safety and health films/videos of relevant subjects can be screened and time allowed for the discussion of the subject after viewing.
  2. Promotion of safety with individuals – The line leader is in a very good position to directly influence the subordinate during the normal course of their work. Such people should be well trained in correct safety procedures, job competencies and leadership. Some free safety poster can be downloaded from the internet for training purposes.
  3. Promotion of safety in print – This covers a whole wide range of printing promotional methods like safety handbooks, brochures, safety bulletins, newsletters, safety magazines, safety notice boards, safety billboards, safety posters, and statistical reports. The aim here is to be attractive and meaningful so that employees will take the time to read them.
    • Safety handbooks or brochures must be simple and handy to use. They can be issued as part of the safety training for staff. Texts are not as effective as pictorial ones. Ideally they should contain both pictures and text. Posters can be compiled into little booklets and issued as safety handbooks.
    • Safety bulletins and newsletters can be published to promote safety. They can contain interesting articles that include stories of accidents, pictorial presentations of safety rules, safety cartoons, safety procedures and safe systems of work, a staff suggestion scheme and a quiz competition to encourage readership. Generally newsletters that contain thought-provoking and amusing cartoon funny safety poster illustrations receive better readerships and influence.
    • Safety magazines from reputable safety and health professional bodies should be circulated to all members of the organization to promote safety.
    • Safety notice boards can be used to 안전놀이터 post up safety policy, rules, news, suggestions, accident reports, accident reporting procedures, emergency procedures, circulars, memos, notice of video shows and drills, etc. Again, some creative eye-catching decorations, graphics and color have to be included in order to attract people to read the notices.
    • Safety billboards that include vital statistics like up-to-date accident-free days, number of accidents, etc., can be posted at main entrances to the workplace or at conspicuous positions within the workplace (such as the site office entrance of construction sites). This serves to remind employees that accidents do occur and everyone has to be vigilant in their work.
    • Safety posters serve almost like the backbone of any promotional methods above. As normal posters they should be posted at strategic locations in the workplace such as the main entrance and the production lines. The aim is to remind people of safety concerns constantly. They can be posted almost anywhere. The messages they contain should be clear and attractive. The graphics and text from posters can also be used as illustrations in newsletters, safety handbooks, brochures, notice boards and billboards. Find out how to do this below. By printing them on your normal computer color printer, they are indispensable. You can even make them into little gifts for giveaways.
  4. Statistical reports – These reports on safety performances or their summaries should be circulated to all members of the company to promote awareness of safety and health at work. The report should include progressive data on the disabling injury incidence rate, occupational diseases and minor injuries. It will show the results of any promotional efforts in your safety campaign. To be realistic, the trend for any safety performances can only be gauged after many years of safety promotional efforts.
  5. Promotion of safety with awards and recognition – Competitions between departments, sections or different workplaces can be held and rewarded with some tangible or intangible rewards for the winners at the end of the competitions. The purpose of the awards is to recognize and promote safe work practices and reinforce positive attitudes towards safety. The most important award an employee or a group of employees can receive is recognition of a contribution to safety. The award need not be large, but it should be meaningful and appropriate for the occasion. These awards can take the form of luncheons, cash bonuses, gifts (made from humorous safety poster) or even a trophy. Employees should be involved in the development process of safety competitions.

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