Exploring the Increasing Demand for Care of the Elderly

Society has been aware for many years that when the huge baby boom generation hit their golden years, America would see the largest population of seniors ever. At this point in time, the surge has only just begun, because the baby boom lasted until the 1960s, and only just now are people who were born in the late ’40s turning 65 and joining the social security roles. There are still thousands of people who will become senior citizens in the next decade, and both home care and healthcare are going to need some renovation in order to meet the increased needs.

There’s no way that we’re going to put all these people into nursing homes, because most of them don’t need that kind of care, and no one can handle the expense. However, there are a lot of times when an elderly person can continue to live in their own homes with just a little bit of outside care. Staying in their own homes is both better for them emotionally and a more cost effective method of giving them the help they need. Studies have proven that when patients are ill, they heal more quickly in familiar surroundings where they can continue to have a semblance of normal life.

Home Care 2 Stay is a great way to give patients the best of both worlds. A home caregiver can provide them with companionship, light nursing care, transportation, a bit of housekeeping help, and assistance with personal needs. These people come right into a patient’s home and tailor their services to the needs of the individual. They step in to relieve the burden placed on family members who have little time at their disposal. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Another type of senior care that is increasing in popularity is senior living facilities. These are places where older people can live in their own apartments and operate just like they normally would. The advantages of this type of an arrangement is that there are medical and other services available to the tenants if they need them, these places offer activities to keep seniors involved and active, and the senior can enjoy the company of others with similar experiences and likes. The only hang-up for a lot of seniors is the expense of living in this type of facility. It can run to several thousand dollars a month, and that leaves a lot of the elderly out in the cold, so to speak.

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